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May 26, 1999


Just three years after stepping foot into Lawrence High School, science and physics teacher Alan Gleue walked away with the Allen Press Distinguished Teaching Award during the annual awards ceremony Tuesday.

"There are so many great teachers here," Gleue said. "I continually go to these people for support and ideas. We have such a tremendous staff here of talented people."

Gleue received a standing ovation from students when the award was announced.

"I have a special bond with these kids," he said. "They started as sophomores when I came here. I feel like I've grown into the high school as they've matured. I've had several of these students all three years."

The award carries with it a $1,000 check that Gleue can spend any way he wants.

"I have a couple of young kids and I have some things I've been promising them, like a basketball goal," he said.

Gleue said the award was especially rewarding since students are the ones who choose the winner.

"It means I'm succeeding in making physics, something considered a hard subject, likable," he said. "I feel positive about the classroom; I feel positive about a lot of the departments here."

Student Katie Marden took Gleue's chemistry class and said he deserved to win the award.

"He's really enthusiastic," she said. "You can call him at home and he's always there. He really cares if you understand the material. You can ask him anything."

Physics student Tania Valverde said Gleue puts forth extra effort in making sure students succeed.

"He comes in the afternoon and evening for us," she said.

Gleue was one of five teachers nominated for the award. Other nominees were physics teacher Joe Bradshaw, math teacher Cheryl Chaput, math teacher Greg Farley, and Spanish teacher Martha Souza.

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