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May 8, 1999


Ten preservation projects will be honored Thursday by the city's Historic Resources Commission and Lawrence Preservation Alliance.

Preservation efforts that were hundreds of years in the making will be recognized during a ceremony next week.

The annual Paul E. Wilson Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony is set for 7 p.m. Thursday inside the Lawrence Visitors Center at the city's renovated Union Pacific Depot, a landmark at 402 N. Second. The public is invited.

The ceremony -- sponsored by the city's Historic Resources Commission and the Lawrence Preservation Alliance -- is a chance to call attention to the hard work, dedication and excellence brought to local preservation through specific projects, said Dennis Enslinger, the city's historic resources administrator.

"It gives everybody the opportunity to cognitively recognize the cultural and historic resources around them," he said. "I think sometimes we tend to take them for granted."

The ceremony is part of National Preservation Week, which starts Sunday. A tour of the Kansas Seed House, in the 800 block of New Hampshire Street, was scheduled as a preservation week activity but recently was canceled.

Individuals and businesses will receive awards for their participation in 10 projects.

"In every case, they've not taken the easy route," said Joel Orton, president of the preservation alliance. "They've gone the extra mile to ensure that the historic properties that they own are maintained for future generations."

The awards ceremony will include recognition in several categories.

A rundown of the awards:

  • Special Recognition: 804 Mass., home of the Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop. David and Susan Millstein, owners and contractor.
  • Exterior Restoration Special Recognition: 1613 Tenn., the Ludington-Thacher House. Terry and Elaine Riordan, owners. Michael Morley, contractor. Don McMican, of DGM Consultants, Overland Park, masonry contractor. Ed Parr, Restoration Water Proofing, contractor.
  • Facade Renovation: 920-922 Mass., home of Milton's Coffee & Wine and Saffees Inc. Terra Firma Ltd., owner.
  • Interior Renovation: 700 Mass., home of Hobbs Inc. Mark and Cathy Swan, business owners. Kalyn Munro, architect.
  • Adaptive Reuse: 1002 N.H., a former gas station that is home to Sun Fire Ceramics. Berkeley Plaza L.C., Jeff Shmalberg, owner. Joel Fritzel Construction, contractor. Glenn Livingood Penzler Architects, Dale Glenn, architect.
  • Front Porch Renovation: 1347 Mass. Michael A. Raney, owner. Gary O'Doniel, contractor.
  • Neighborhood Conservation: 1101 Ohio, the home of Kyle and Janet Gerstner.
  • Neighborhood Conservation: 720 R.I. Vicki Scales and James Divney, owners.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: 905-907 R.I., home of the Social Service League. K.T. Walsh, manager.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: 847 Ohio, home of the Ninth Street Missionary Baptist Church. Rene Brown, pastor.

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