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May 6, 1999


Washington (ap) -- Support for gun control jumped in the week after the high school shootings in Colorado, according to an Associated Press poll, with a majority of Americans saying tougher gun laws are the most effective way to stem violence.

That 51 percent figure is up 9 percentage points from just before the deaths at the school. Also, 40 percent of adults said parents should face charges if a child younger than 18 commits a crime with a gun.

ICR of Media, Pa., conducted one poll in the four days before the April 20 rampage. Some of the questions were repeated in an April 28-May 2 poll, allowing the impact of the shootings on the public to be measured.

Before the school shootings, 47 percent said better enforcement of existing laws was the way to limit gun violence, while 42 percent said tougher gun laws would be more effective. After the shootings, 51 percent said tougher gun laws would be more effective, while 39 percent said better enforcement.

A similar increase was found when people were asked whether they favored or opposed stricter gun-control laws. In the first poll, 55 percent were in favor and 40 percent were opposed. The second poll found 63 percent in favor and 31 percent opposed.

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