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May 3, 1999


This morning for the second time we found an opossum in our back yard during daylight hours. It is our understanding there are no city or county agencies that will assist in getting rid of them. Is it true we have to remove it on our own? Why isn't there a county or city organization to help residents take care of this problem?

City Manager Mike Wildgen's response:

"Opossums are wild animals that may be considered pests by some within the city limits. If the animal is found offensive, the resident is responsible for its removal or destruction.

"Wild animals such as opossums, squirrels, snakes or bats are not handled by either city or county government agencies. Domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, are dealt with by city Animal Control officers.

"Dispatchers or Animal Control officers may provide lists of private pest control businesses that may also be found in the yellow pages of the telephone book. There are organizations -- for example, Wildcare -- that can be contacted who may be available to accept the animal."

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