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May 2, 1999


Special to the Journal-World

Lawrence students received eight gold summa cum laude medals in the 1999 National Latin Exam, the results of which were released last week.

One of those gold medalists, Southwest Junior High's Mike Ryu, turned in a perfect paper.

The exam, sponsored by the American Classical League, is given each year in March. This year, more than 104,000 students took the exam in all 50 states and internationally.

Latin teachers in the Lawrence school district are Anne Shaw, Ruth Gibbs and Valerie Lewis.

The students and their Latin exam honors are:

Lawrence High School

Latin 1: Veronica Gao, Melissa Colgan, Shelby Miller and Michael Chatman, all silver maxima cum laude; and Theodore Bender, Tom Murray and Kevin Miller, all magna cum laude.

Latin 2: Peter Clark, gold summa cum laude; Corrie McDaniels, Matthew Collins and Rajesh Gogineni, all silver maxima cum laude; Matt Manda and Natalie Mason, magna cum laude; and Kathy Truong, cum laude.

Prose 3: Jeffrey Kincaid, gold summa cum laude; Carl Magnuson, silver maxima cum laude; and Elise Schonse, magna cum laude.

Prose 4: Bill Kinnersley and Jessica Reading, silver maxima cum laude.

Poetry 4: Marissa C. Pelot and Daniel Stoker, magna cum laude.

Free State High School

Latin 1: Clint Trasher, magna cum laude.

Latin 2: Joyia Chadwick, gold summa cum laude; Kuroki Gonzales, Sarah Frost and Kathryn Jennings, silver maxima cum laude; Patrick Allen, Alison Lungstrum, Alexand Tsatsoulis, Lase Ajayi and Alec Joler, magna cum laude; and Ashlee Harrison, cum laude.

Prose 3: David Barnhill, Renee Fullerton and Carmen Winters, silver maxima cum laude; Nick Givechi, Rachel Sellon and Chase Anderson, magna cum laude.

Poetry 3: John Anderson, gold summa cum laude; Maija Cheung, silver maxima cum laude; Daniel Rowinsky and Mark Becker, magna cum laude.

South Junior High

Latin 1: Sonja Fleischauer and Julia Gegenheimer, silver maxima cum laude; Meghan Walsh, Gleesonnben, Heidi Schellman, Kenneth Easthouse and Zachary Snipe, magna cum laude; and Suzanne Dunn and Mary Kathryn Creed, cum laude.

Central Junior High

Latin 1: Benet Magnuson and Stacie Garland, gold summa cum laude; and Esther Turres, silver maxima cum laude.

West Junior High

Latin 1: Emily McWilliams and Colin F. Elliott, silver maxima cum laude; Ryan Showalter, Mary Haworth and Karen Mayse, magna cum laude; and Matt Morris, cum laude.

Soutwest Junior High

Latin 1: Mike Ryu and Scott Konzem, gold summa cum laude; Alexand Wickersham, Tom Garven and Emily Reeves, silver maxima cum laude; Lisa Lewin, Hunter Davis and Josh Bailey, magna cum laude; Leslie Short, Tyler Horken, Ian Howick and Melanie Moore, cum laude.

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