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May 2, 1999


To the editor:

I was a little upset about the responses to Thursday's "On the Street" question. Should flag burning be against the law? All the responses were "no," citing the reason of the free speech. Is this what we, as Americans, have taught our children, to defame the most powerful symbol of freedom and say it was for their right of free speech?

Now I'm not the proverbial ol' fart living in the old days,nor am I one of them thar tree huggin' hippies, just a mid-30s, male American. I may not of have been an angel or a do-gooder, but I always respected the flag. I may be old-fashioned to some, but I was raised to respect my country and the flag that represents it. My family has fought in almost all the wars that made this great country, they were decorated, wounded, and all would probably do it again for their country. It would seem a shame and disgrace to them, and all your families to see the flag burn for any reason, other than to dispose of a tattered or discarded one. Would it be a shame for all those, who died in all the wars, to have the flag burned for such a reason?

Yes, the right of free speech is a gracious and powerful gift, that many countries don't have, but to use it as a reason or excuse to burn our flag is, to me, a very feeble reason. Please take a look at yourself, our flag, your parents, grandparents, talk to a veteran, get the real story on how our country won its freedom. Then next time you want to burn your flag, my flag, our flag of the United States of America, please take in consideration how many died for it and don't burn it, wave it and thank God that it is yours to respect.

James Moutray,


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