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May 2, 1999


A Lawrence photographer tries to capture life's little moments.

When patrons at Paradise Cafe take in the restaurant's latest art exhibit, they'll see an eclectic mix of black-and-white, color and infrared photos covering a range of subjects.

Which is exactly the way photographer Tim Nauman wants it.

The Lawrence lensman is mounting his first exhibit at the cafe, 728 Mass., and he has no interest in covering only one subject or shooting in one medium.

"It's not message photography or art," Nauman said. "A lot of what I'm doing is trying to capture the essence of a thing at one moment in time."

"The Tim Nauman Collection" features a variety of photos, from Kansas landscapes to a Massachusetts Street alley behind Nauman's apartment.

Nauman's interests are wide-ranging, so he shoots his pictures in black-and-white, color, color with filtration and infrared, hoping his shot selection captures the image.

His ability to work in different formats comes from his experience as a free-lance filmmaker.

On a set, Nauman is called upon to shoot in video and on film, in color and black-and-white, and on every type of job imaginable.

"Hey, it pays the bills," he said.

Nauman was attending college when his photography interest led to a film internship. He learned lighting, video and film formats while doing commercial and industrial films at VPR Communications.

He shot commercials, documentaries and training films -- even in-flight safety films for Northwest Airlines -- before venturing out as a free-lance filmmaker.

The biggest challenge Nauman faces is shifting his focus from his film work to shooting individual stills as a photographer.

"It is more of a challenge," he said, "to capture as much in one frame in one moment than I do when I tell a story from the motion picture side of things."

Nauman often travels about Lawrence with camera in hand, looking for inspiration for his work.

"I have a certain idea or look in mind, and then something comes along that inspires me," he said.

While he has upcoming photo projects lined up, Nauman is predominantly busy with commercial film assignments.

He owns and operates a free-lance service, Native Productions, and just completed work on two independent motion picture features.

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