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March 30, 1999


Casandra Jones, 9, had one plan for her weekend -- ride her new bicycle.

It looks just like the one that a hit-and-run driver damaged this week. Thanks to a new friend, Casandra's bicycle has been replaced. After seeing Casandra's story in the local media, Wendy Reed decided to do something.

"I called and said I wanted to replace the bike," Reed said.

Casandra was hit early Wednesday evening as she rode her bicycle, a birthday present not 4 months old, home for dinner. She started to turn left onto Lincoln Street from North Fourth. She saw a car driving west on Lincoln, so she turned right instead to stay out of its way. The car, a white four-door driven by a woman, hit the front of her bicycle, bending the frame. It never stopped.

"Who would leave a child in the street?" Casandra's mother, Shannon Jones, asked. "That's just inhumane."

Luckily, Casandra wasn't hurt, save for a scratch. Her bike, however, was no longer ridable.

"That girl's got nine lives," her mother said. "Even at a low speed, a car can do a lot of damage."

Reed's heart went out to the 9-year-old after seeing her on television. She knows how scary a hit-and-run accident can be. Her son Dameon, now 17, was hit on his bike when he was 5. He was not injured, she said, but the driver was never found.

"Bless her little heart," she said. So she called to see what she could do.

Reed met with the Joneses Saturday at Wal-Mart and bought Casandra a new bike, a teal and silver Huffy 18-speed just like her old one.

"She restored my faith," Shannon Jones said.

Not an hour later, Casandra was riding around the neighborhood.

"Be careful!" her mother called after her.

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