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March 30, 1999


Is it OK to eat fish caught from a pond? I caught some fish off of 15th Street, in between Kasold and Wakarusa.

In this case, there is nothing to suggest whether or not the fish in that private pond are harmful to eat, but you should have permission to fish there.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment checks about 300 rivers, lakes, streams and other waterways around the state for water quality. This pond isn't on the list.

"The main concern we have in Kansas in terms of fish tissue consumption is chlordane, an ingredient used in termite insecticide," KDHE spokesman Don Brown said.

Chlordane is typically found in rivers, not smaller ponds, Brown said.

Roger Wolfe, regional fisheries and wildlife supervisor for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, said anglers who want to avoid contaminants in fish shouldn't eat bottom-dwellers like catfish and carp. Also, limit the consumption of fish from questionable waterways and remove the fat from fish before cooking them.

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