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March 28, 1999


* Proclaim April "Fair Housing Month."

  • Proclaim Monday through Sunday "National Community Development Week."
  • Proclaim April 4-10 "International Building Safety Week."
  • Approve cereal malt beverage licenses for Zarco 66 No. 4, 1500 E. 23rd; Conoco Food Mart, 955 E. 23rd; The Crossing, 618 W. 12th; Imperial Garden, 2907 W. Sixth; and Lawrence Pizza Co., 601 Kasold.
  • Approve drinking establishment licenses for The Jazzhaus of Lawrence, 926 1/2 Mass.
  • Approve a retail liquor license for Harper Corner Liquor Store, 2220 Harper, Suite C; and a caterer license for R.A.G. Bartenders, 3514 Clinton Pkwy., Suite A-222.
  • Agree to buy a new sand screen chain, for $14,886, from U.S. Filter for use at the Kaw River Water Treatment Plant, 720 W. Third.
  • Agree to hire Layne Western for $14,677 to handle well testing and acidization work for the city's utilities department.
  • Agree to hire KPL for $22,950 to install a "secondary power feed" for the Four Seasons sanitary sewer project and holding basin now under construction in southwest Lawrence.
  • Agree to buy 37 replacement water meters for $47,000 from Metron Spectrum. The meters -- all at least 2 inches in size -- are expected to pay for themselves through increased revenues within 18 months.
  • Agree to seek bids for purchasing or retrofitting up to 50 water meters with radio-read transmitters at an estimated cost of $7,500.
  • Agree to buy 4,000-volt switchgears for $23,140 from Stanion Wholesale Electric for use by the utilities department.
  • Agree to hire Chamberlain Contracting for $24,354 to provide waterproofing services at the Community Building, 115 W. 11th.
  • Agree to buy nine pickup trucks for $161,192 from Laird Noller Motors for use in various city departments. Lower bids from other companies did not meet the city's specifications. Crown Chevrolet's $131,403 bid did not include two pickups, and Shawnee Mission Ford's $137,124 offer did not meet engine specifications.
  • Agree to buy a 3/4-ton pickup with utility bed for $24,723 from Olathe Ford for use by the utilities department.
  • Agree to buy a one-ton truck with utility bed for $35,124 from Laird Noller Motors for use by the utilities department.
  • Agree to buy three four-door sedans for $44,730 from Shawnee Mission Ford for use by various departments. A $44,725 bid from Bonner Springs Ford did not meet the city's tire or seat specifications.
  • Approve an ordinance, on first reading, to prohibit parking along both sides of Oread Avenue between 12th and 13th streets.
  • Approve ordinances, on final reading, to establish yield signs at Oak Hill Avenue on Elmwood Street, Summit Street, Prospect Avenue and Prairie Avenue; and to establish 20 mph speed limits on all streets within the Brook Creek neighborhood.
  • Approve site plans for Hobby Lobby, to be located in the former J.C. Penney building at 1801 W. 23rd; Brandon Woods Community Building, to be located at 1501 Inverness; Chipotle Mexican Grill and sidewalk dining, to be located at the former McDonald's at 911 Mass; sidewalk dining at Henry's on Henry St., 11 E. Eighth; and an addition to Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics, 2858 Four Wheel Dr.
  • Accept dedication of easements and rights of way for the following final plats: Lawrence Medical Plaza Addition No. 2, a one-lot office subdivision covering 5.17 acres at the northwest corner of Sixth and Maine streets; Midwest Health Addition, a one-lot subdivision covering 8.99 acres at the southeast corner of Harvard Road and Wakarusa Drive; Ironwood Addition, a two-lot residential-office subdivision covering 2.451 acres north of 15th Street and about 800 feet west of Research Park Drive; and O'Reilly Addition, a one-lot commercial subdivision covering 0.482 acre at the site of O'Reilly Auto Parts, 1008 W. 23rd.
  • Refer a request to the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission from Russell Tuckel for the annexation of 5.791 acres into the city. The property is south of the Kansas Turnpike and west of Kasold Drive.
  • Ask staffers to compile a report that would respond to a letter from North Lawrence Improvement Assn. regarding drainage concerns in two areas of North Lawrence: Eighth and Locust streets and Eighth and Oak streets.
  • Agree to hire BG Consultants to handle engineering design services for a variety of water line improvement projects during the coming year.
  • Adopt a resolution and approve an agreement between Lawrence and Douglas County for the joint financing of the reconstruction of Riverridge Road, from North Iowa to North Michigan streets. Douglas County would pay 31 percent of the local costs of the project, while the city would pay the remaining 69 percent of the local costs. Commissioners would agree to hire TranSystems Corp. for $193,205 to handle engineering design work for the reconstruction project, which would include drainage improvements. Such engineering costs would be shared solely by the city and county. The project's construction costs, however, will be financed mostly by the Kansas Department of Transportation: 80 percent would be KDOT's responsibility, leaving 20 percent to be split up by the city and county. The project is expected to be bid for construction in March 2000.
  • Receive a staff report concerning the accident history at 23rd and Massachusetts streets since the installation of turn lanes and new signals at the intersection.
  • Approve a unanimous motion from the Traffic Safety Commission (TSC) to allow parking along both sides of Kresge Road.
  • Approve a unanimous recommendation from the TSC to deny the request to prohibit parking along one side of Mitchell Street, between 20th Street and 20th Terrace, and along one side of 20th Terrace, between Alabama and Mitchell streets.
  • Approve a unanimous recommendation from the TSC to retain the speed limit on residential streets at 30 mph, as provided by state law. TSC members had discussed the possibility of recommending a lower speed limit -- 25 mph -- for such streets in Lawrence.
  • Agree to hire EBH and Associates for $218,697 to handle inspection services for the upcoming reconstruction of Monterey Way from Harvard Road to 15th Street. The project also includes drainage improvements. The Kansas Department of Transportation is paying for 80 percent of the project, leaving the city responsible for the remaining 20 percent.
  • Approve documents that allow for inspection costs of two traffic-signal projects to exceed 15 percent of the construction costs. The move -- for projects at 23rd Street and Naismith Drive, and at Sixth and Vermont streets -- allows the city to save money by allowing the work to be completed below budget estimates.
  • Approve assessment contracts with property owners related to a new road in Myers Addition and receive the owners' request for formation of a benefit district for streets and storm sewers in the area.
  • Agree to pay PEC Engineering another $21,436 for additional construction services at the Central Basin Pump Sanitary Sewer Station project.
  • Agree to hire Maxwell Gable Contracting for $16,500 to install a 16-inch bypass line at the city's Clinton Water Treatment Plant.
  • Agree to hire Black & Veatch for $22,000 to update engineering in the city's Wastewater Master Plan.
  • Agree to hire Terracon for $28,093 to provide geotechnical services for the anticipated $40.5 million expansion of the city's Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1400 E. Eighth.
  • Approve a "substantial amendment" to the city's Consolidated Plan. The amendment would reflect the $300,000 provided by the city to Habitat for Humanity Inc. and Tenants to Homeowners Inc. for platting, engineering and infrastructure improvements along East 17th Street, where new affordable housing will be built.
  • Set a May 18 public hearing to determine whether to declare 804 N.J. to be "unsafe and dangerous."
  • Adopt a resolution giving the city authority to spend up to $900,000 for a variety of drainage projects.
  • Receive a request from KPL to waive a requirement for alternative construction information for a utility siting permit. Without the exception, the utility would need to propose alternatives to its planned replacement of a 115,000-volt transmission line in southwest Lawrence.
  • Consider approving drinking establishment license for Los Amigos, 508 Locust. Also up for approval, on first reading: an ordinance that includes requirements that the bar stop serving alcohol at 1 a.m. and be closed by 1:30 a.m.
  • Conduct a public hearing for a proposed vacation of city right of way on East 10th Street, east of Delaware Street. Commissioners would discuss the possible sale of part of the property to Allen Press, which wants a small section of the land for an expansion. The property is appraised at $5,000, City Manager Mike Wildgen said.
  • Consider adopting resolutions related to the planned reconstruction of a city parking lot in the 800 block of New Hampshire Street.
  • Receive a proposal for architectural design-development services related to a possible site for a new Lawrence Arts Center in the 900 block of New Hampshire Street. Glenn Livingood Penzler would earn $80,730 for the design work, expected to take eight to 10 weeks.

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