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March 20, 1999


Could you tell me how Kansas Board of Regents members are selected and what the salary is for each?

The nine men and women serving on the Board of Regents, which has jurisdiction over Kansas University and five other state universities, are appointed by the governor subject to confirmation by the Senate.

One member of the board is appointed from each congressional district with remaining members selected at large. No two members may reside in the same county at the time of their appointment, and no more than five members of the board can be members of the same political party.

The regents, who serve overlapping 4-year terms, elect a chair each June to serve a 1-year term beginning July 1.

Members receive $35 for each day of attendance at board meetings and are eligible to be reimbursed for travel expenses.

Whom can I contact to report an illegal stop by a Eudora police officer? I was pulled over the other night for no reason whatsoever. I was ticketed for failure to dim my lights -- my car doesn't even have bright lights and hasn't for a couple of years.

Eudora Police Chief Bill Long said he was familiar with the incident.

"If he thinks he was illegally stopped, he can come down and discuss it, or he can go to court and plead not guilty," Long said.

Where do I go if I'm supposed to appear in municipal court? Is municipal court in the Douglas County Judicial and Law Enforcement Center?

The court used to be housed in the judicial and law enforcement center behind the Douglas County Courthouse. But now it's situated at 1006 N.H. Don't check in at the Douglas County District Court for municipal court appearances; go directly to 1006 N.H.

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