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March 20, 1999


As Kansas University's basketball team battled back to a near victory Sunday against Duke University on Sunday, some local fans watched and cheered at the Eagles Lodge, 1803 W. Sixth.

A piece of the old Allen Fieldhouse court hung on the wall of the Lodge where Daisy Haug cheered on the Jayhawks.

"She is our cheerleader," Jane Morphy said. "Every game, she has her pom-poms out here, running around."

As the Jayhawks struggled to keep up with Duke in the second half, the Eagles wouldn't give up hope. "If they've made it this far, there's a chance for them," Tammy Abram said. "I think KU has a great chance of winning.

Daisy Haug's husband, Art, cheered the team along, but also registered his disgust with the officials calling the match.

"The refs are doing a hell of a job -- not a very good one," Art Haug said.

With four minutes left in the game and KU trailing 56-59, Daisy reaffirmed her support.

"I think the team is doing great," she said. "When they used to come into Topeka (after NCAA tournaments), two vanloads of us would go up and meet them."

The crowd sang "Rock Chalk, Jayhawk" and charged "Defense!" with the clock running out on the game. Morphy yelled for Jeff Boschee to hit a 3-pointer to keep KU in the game.

When Duke sank its final free throw with 2.2 seconds left, a sigh of disappointment swept the room. Someone muttered "It's over," but Morphy kept up her support and simply said, "We tried."

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