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March 18, 1999


Teachers will receive a second survey on collaboration time.

It's a question of questions in determining the fate of collaboration time.

Members of the Lawrence Education Assn. negotiating team and district administrators wrestled with the idea of a new survey during teacher contract negotiations Wednesday.

At issue were the results of an LEA survey that revealed the majority of LEA members favored keeping early release collaboration time on Wednesday afternoons, but getting rid of it at the secondary level.

"We're getting a great influx of people calling with concerns that something they like may be going away and they haven't had an opportunity to be heard," Human Resources director Marcia Bone said.

Bone suggested conducting a joint administrative-LEA survey to be sent to all teachers, not just LEA members.

"We need a greater pool of people," Bone said.

While LEA members supported the idea of an additional survey, they balked at doing it jointly with district administrators.

"By our policy we can only survey LEA members," Free State High School teacher and LEA member Patti Bailey said.

LEA president Lois Orth-Lopes said she thought the group could author something together as part of interest-based bargaining.

"We want to know where the administration is," Bailey said.

School board member Carol Linhos said the administration supports collaboration to a point.

"At the junior high level if they're doing teaming (already), I'm not sure it's necessary," she said. "If they're not getting teaming time, then I support it. We're not trying to force it on anyone. We want to know what they need."

LEA members agreed to the additional survey as long as district administrators made it clear that although LEA supported the survey and helped author it, it did not come from their organization.

The two sides then dissected questions from the original LEA survey and formulated a new survey to be distributed to teachers March 30. Results of the survey will be discussed at the next contract negotiation meeting, at 4:30 p.m. April 7.

"I think the board and administration policy on this is if it's something that will make teachers more effective, then we support it," Bone said of collaboration time. "If not, then we don't want it. We have no interest in it other than helping teachers."

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