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March 12, 1999


The Kansas Turnpike Authority is cracking down on motorists speeding through K-TAG lanes.

KTA spokeswoman Lisa Callahan said Kansas Highway Patrol troopers will be issuing warnings to motorists who are exceeding the 20 mph speed limit through the lanes.

Callahan said the enforcement measures are being taken as a precautionary measure, and were not precipitated by a particular incident.

"We haven't had any specific situations," she said. "It's something we try to keep in front of our customers."

In addition, the KTA reminds motorists that the speed limit is 10 mph in lanes that are used for both cash and K-TAG customers.

Callahan said motorists need to be aware of pedestrians crossing the lanes, including both KTA employees and other motorists.

"The customers (driving) through the lanes need to be able to stop," she said. "It's an issue we've had since the very beginning, and we've always made an effort to reduce the speeds."

The K-TAG lanes allow motorists with special equipment in their cars to go through without stopping at a booth.

KTA trooper Maj. Dennis Tangeman said some motorists have been traveling through K-TAG lanes at more than 30 mph.

"Thirty through an interchange is pretty fast," he said. "We want to maintain our interchanges to be as safe as we can. We want to get it under control before something happens."

Tangeman said several motorists have been stopped and issued warnings by troopers.

"We've had real good success with the ones the troopers have talked to," he said.

Trooper monitoring will be random and at various locations along the 236-mile turnpike, which runs from near the Oklahoma border to Kansas City, Kan.

Motorists who repeatedly violate speed limits could lose their K-TAG privileges, Callahan said.

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