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March 7, 1999


* Proclaim March 17 "St. Patrick's Day."

  • Approve a drinking-establishment license for Old Chicago, 2329 Iowa.
  • Agree to buy a used "rubber-tired roller" for use by the city's department of public works. The city would pay Victor Phillips $42,898 for a 1998-model roller, which has been used for seven hours. Such rollers are used in paving operations.
  • Set a 2 p.m. March 23 deadline for bids for two construction projects. The first would be for installation of a new 8-foot-wide sidewalk along the east side of Iowa Street, from 15th to 19th streets. The second would replace an existing sidewalk with a new 10-foot-wide version along the west side of Iowa, from 19th to Clinton Parkway. City taxpayers will be paying for all of both projects, expected to be completed this spring or summer, City Manager Mike Wildgen said.
  • Agree to spend another $9,126 for a new biosolids area at the city's Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1400 E. Eighth. The addition would finance the use of a special paint to coat the interior of the plant's new dewatering building and components at a new pumping station. The entire project is expected to be finished in September.
  • Approve ordinances, on first reading, to establish yield signs at Oak Hill Avenue on Elmwood Street, Summit Street, Prospect Avenue and Prairie Avenue; and to establish 20 mph speed limits on all streets within the Brook Creek neighborhood.
  • Approve an ordinance, on final reading, to designate Michigan Street, from Ninth Street to the north city limits, as a main trafficway.
  • Approve an ordinance, on final reading, to establish a redevelopment district in the 900 block of New Hampshire Street, as authorized by commissioners Feb. 23.
  • Approve ordinances, on final reading, to set new conditions on drinking-establishment licenses for the Jayhawk Cafe, 1340 Ohio; and Wagon Wheel Cafe, 507 W. 14th. As part of the ordinances, bar owners would agree to several new conditions, including: hire private security officers to patrol the area, install outdoor lighting, empty trash only between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., and meet with neighbors to discuss illegal parking issues. Outdoor beer gardens also must be closed after midnight, except following Kansas University's home football games, KU's spring graduation ceremonies and three other nights chosen by bar owners each year.
  • Authorize Mayor Marty Kennedy to sign an agreement with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) to help finance the anticipated repaving of Sixth Street, from Arkansas to Vermont streets. Under the agreement, KDOT would pay 50 percent of the project's costs, as long as KDOT's share does not exceed $150,000. The project is scheduled for this summer.
  • Receive the 1998 Annual Report Utility System Development Charges. The report reviews three things: the number of water- and sewer-service connections during the past year, the revenues collected from "system development charges" on those connections, and the types of projects the revenues are to be used for.
  • Accept dedication of easements and rights of way for a final plat for St. James Addition, a four-lot commercial subdivision covering 4.92 acres on the north side of 23rd Street, about 830 feet west of Harper Street. Submitted by The Peridian Group for James R. Ellena and Jerry A. and Laura D. Taylor, property owners of record.
  • Accept dedication of easements and rights of way for a final plat for Chalk Rock Addition, a replat of a lot in Chalk Hill Addition. The six-lot residential subdivision covers 1.611 acres at the southwest corner of Ninth Street and Chalk Hill Court. Submitted by Landplan Engineering for Dennis Barritt of DDB L.L.C., property owner of record.
  • Accept dedication of easements and rights of way for a final plat and final development plan for 10 Marketplace Addition, a one-lot commercial subdivision covering 4.855 acres along the north side of 23rd Street about 300 feet east of Harper Street. The project's plans call for 13 retail commercial spaces. Submitted by The Peridian Group for William R. Newsome, managing partner of 10 Marketplace L.L.C., contract purchaser from Manijeh Zhandi, property owner of record.
  • Adopt a resolution declaring 921 Mo. to be environmentally blighted, and give the property's owner 20 days to "abate" the conditions.
  • Receive and discuss results from the 1998 Lawrence Citizen Survey. The survey, conducted for commissioners by graduate students at Kansas University, questioned 473 Lawrence residents late last year for their views about Lawrence's quality of life and their perceptions of city services. The city paid $5,000 to allow the students to pay KU's Survey Research Laboratory to conduct the random telephone survey Oct. 10 to Nov. 3.
  • Receive a staff report and discuss a proposal for the city and Lawrence school district to cooperate in the use and maintenance of three ball fields at Free State High School, 4706 Overland Dr.

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