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March 4, 1999


Are the Lawrence utilities ready for the year 2000 changeover business? Is there a possibility that we will have an interruption of services?

Utility officials have said that there will be few, if any, problems with services here.

"From my personal perspective, I'm not making any contingency plans for the future," said Jerry Manweiler, vice president of Fundamental Technologies, a Lawrence-based computer consulting company.

Manweiler also is chairman of the Community Y2K Information Task Force, formed by the city to study potential computer problems in this area.

Robin Lampe, spokeswoman with KPL, which operates a power plant north of Lawrence, said the company is about 80 percent complete with Y2K improvements.

"We've already done an inventory of all of our systems that may be affected by Y2K, and we have not uncovered any issues," said Chuck Hoag, director of network operations for Kansas Public Service in Lawrence.

Southwestern Bell Telephone expects to be ready for the changeover by June 30.

Why doesn't the J-W list statistics about Emporia State's women's basketball team? Emporia State is a Kansas school ranked fifth in the nation.

Sports Editor Chuck Woodling supplied this answer:

"In trying to determine how to do the best job of maximizing our resources and personnel, we have opted to concentrate on coverage of our considerable local and area high school, college and junior college sports teams."

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