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March 4, 1999


Stopping for a red light is not an optional exercise for drivers, the Lawrence Police Department reminded about two dozen people recently.

Officers have been on the lookout for people running red lights after a rash of accidents apparently caused by the problem, Police Chief Ron Olin said Wednesday.

On Friday, the department positioned an officer on a motorcycle at 23rd and Iowa streets and officers in two cars down the road.

"We radioed ahead to the vehicles," Olin explained. "In a two-hour test, we wrote 21 tickets."

Stopping vehicles for running red lights isn't an easy task, the police chief said.

"There's no safe way to position a vehicle because you're moving into an intersection that's full," he said. "We don't want to contribute to the unsafe atmosphere that's already there."

Officer Dave Anderson said people shouldn't expect "traps" every day.

"We happened to have some extra manpower," he said. "We'd been having a lot of accidents, and certainly running a red light is a major contributor to accidents."

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