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March 4, 1999


After a week's postponement by the Douglas County Commission and days of failed negotiations, Doug Compton and Bob and Betty Lichtwardt finally found common ground during Wednesday night's commission meeting.

It remains to be seen whether that will translate into approval from the commissioners themselves, who, because of a protest petition circulated by the Lichtwardts, would have to approve the request by unanimous vote.

The commissioners chose to table the proposal a second time until March 15 in hopes the deal would be finalized by then.

Compton is seeking rezoning of 162 acres southwest of Peterson and Folks roads, from agricultural to suburban home residential, so he can build seven homes, including his own.

The Lichtwardts intend to donate 40 acres of their land north of the proposed development for a city park and want to be sure a portion of the Compton property remains single family homes.

Compton said he agreed to the spirit of the request, but he doesn't want to give the Lichtwardts an easement over the north 500 feet of his property.

He was willing, however, to enter into a covenant restricting the use of the north 300 feet.

The issue had everyone involved, including the participants and planning commission staff, frustrated.

But toward the end of a protracted discussion Wednesday night, the two parties agreed to a 500-foot covenant, which they seem hopeful can be put in legal terms.

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