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June 24, 1999


To the editor:

I'm writing in response to a recent article, "KDHE fines Lawrence care home." My mother is a resident of Cooper's Home Care. My family and I have dealt with many caregivers and several care facilities in the five years we have coped with my mother's illness, and so we speak with experience when we say that Lillian Cooper and her staff provide superior care.

It seems odd that doctor's orders and medical records the state found perfectly acceptable in a March survey at a different facility were deemed so lacking just six weeks later; a week after mother was placed in the Cooper's home. And it is frustrating to see small facilities that clearly offer care superior to that of large nursing homes come under such intense scrutiny. I find it ironic that Mrs. Cooper, the most meticulous caregiver that I have encountered when it comes to documenting and dispensing medications, has been fined when the large nursing home where my mother spent two unhappy months failed to give her several of her medications for a month and suffered no such consequences.

Facilities like Mrs. Cooper's that care for those incapable of caring for themselves in a pleasant, home-like atmosphere are hard to find. Lillian Cooper looks after my mother as if she were her own mother, and my family feels lucky to have our mother in her care.

Paula Southerland,

Prairie Village.

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