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June 23, 1999


To the editor:

The purpose of scientific theories is to duplicate, measure and explain the natural phenomena that surround us. The scientific theory of electricity is demonstrably true, as evidence by lightbulbs and electrocution victims. The scientific theory of atomic fission is demonstrably true, as evidenced by Hiroshima. The scientific theory of gravity is demonstrably true, as evidenced by falling objects. Each of these theories can be tested, repetitiously, and the resulting measurements will always be the same, thus evidencing the truth uncovered by the hypothesis that led to the theory.

Evolution, as a theory, is not demonstrably true, and thus remains merely a hypothesis, and certainly not a fact. A hypothesis that cannot be demonstrated is usually discarded after 200 or so years of attempts. Unless, of course, the hypothesis is at the center of a non-scientific belief or cult. That's why all those Academics Pushing Evolution (A.P.E.) are shrieking so loudly about any and all challenges to their scared (but truly unscientific) belief that "like begets unlike" in the organic world we inhabit.

Much like the pseudo-scientists of the 1600s who believed in the "spontaneous generation" of life forms, these latter-day cultists believe in the "spontaneous change" of life forms. Any attempt to hold these "academics" to a scientific standard of observable, measurable change (and not merely environmental adaptation) is met with loud ad hominem attacks that merely mask the lack of proof these cultists suffer from, thus explaining the sudden change in these people from calm, responsible folks into hysterical defenders of their belief system. Yet, hundreds of years after Darwin's guess at how different species came to be, no one is what evolution really purports to describe.

The question arises then, as to just how much time these A.P.E.'s need to demonstrate the measurable truth of their beliefs. And remember, five-legged cows and other mere mutations don't count. As for me, I remain a firm believer in another, provable kind of evolution, called "downward evolution," or de-volution, for short. This occurs when supposedly smart (and very proud) humans begin to act like the apes they claim as their ancestors. The demonstration of this proof can be seen daily, on the front pages of our newspapers. And in our classrooms as well.

John Watkins,

1617 St. Andrews Dr.

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