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June 23, 1999


Meat isn't the only thing cooks can toss on the grill. Portabella mushrooms, the giant of the edible fungi world, are cut down to size and cooked to tenderness for Grilled Portabella Sandwiches. The dish is made even heartier by the addition of mozzarella and roasted red peppers. Pesto gives the sandwiches some added zing.


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Sept. 25 -- Learn to Eat Your Five-a-Day; with a food pyramid demonstration by Nancy O'Connor from the Community Mercantile; healthy snacks; recipes; and music.

Oct. 9 -- Fall Harvestabella mushrooms

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 small loaf (8 ounces) Italian or other crusty bread

3 tablespoons prepared pesto

1 cup spinach, arugula or lettuce leaves

4 ounces mozzarella cheese, cut in thin slices

1 jar (7 ounces) roasted red peppers

Preheat outdoor grill or broiler until hot. Trim portabella stems if attached; cut mushrooms in ¤-inch slices. Brush both sides with oil. Place on a rack on a grill or broiler pan 4 inches from heat; grill or broil until mushrooms are tender, about 4 minutes, turning once. Cut bread in half horizontally. Spread bottom half with pesto. Layer with spinach, mozzarella, peppers and mushrooms. Cover with top of bread. Cut in half crosswise to serve. Makes two sandwiches.

-- Recipe from the Mushroom Council.

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