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June 23, 1999


Kristin Teichmann has been missing since June 7. She has been seen in the Lawrence area after running away from her Atchison home.

The parents of a runaway are seeking the public's help in locating their daughter, who has been missing since June 7 and is possibly in the Lawrence area.

Kristin Teichmann, 15, ran away from home and has been seen in the Lawrence area, said her mother, Shannon Ellerman, a secretary in the Atchison County Sheriff's office.

"She was being rebellious. She ran away to be with this 16-year-old boy," Ellerman said. Kristin also didn't like Atchison, her mother said.

On Tuesday, Ellerman was in Lawrence to post about 200 fliers with her daughter's picture on them around town. Kristin's father, Kennith Teichmann, Lawrence, also has put up a few posters, Ellerman said.

Kristin is described as having short, dyed hair -- possibly bright red -- and is 5 feet 3 inches and 125 pounds.

Ellerman said Kristin has been sighted near North Michigan Street, at the McDonald's restaurant at 1309 W. Sixth, and at the Gaslight Village mobile home community, 1900 W. 31st.

"She's just been staying with friends, and we've also heard she's been staying out at Clinton Lake," Ellerman said.

Ellerman has been in contact with friends of Kristin who have seen her around town.

"We think she's bouncing around staying with parents who don't know she's a runaway," Kennith Teichmann said. "Hopefully, her picture in the paper will help."

Kristin is on the Kansas Bureau of Investigation's missing persons list, said Judy Ashbaugh, missing person's clearinghouse manager for the KBI.

She also is listed on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Internet Web site,

Lawrence police Sgt. George Wheeler said that as standard procedure, all shifts of law enforcement officers are notified about missing persons.

"We put out an attempt to locate (on the radio) that goes out to all the officers on the street, and it's passed along at shift changes," he said.

In addition, "We have a clipboard and it's posted in the squad room, and it's read to every shift."

However, Wheeler said Lawrence police handle several cases each week of runaways and children in need of care.

"Quite frankly, the big priority are people that are missing under suspicious circumstances," he said.

Ellerman said she was concerned about her daughter's safety.

"She's a follower, not a leader," she said. "I just don't want her falling off a cliff."

Anyone with information about Kristin should call police at 841-7210.

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