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June 20, 1999



CLINTON -- Water 76 degrees, clear and 1.66 feet high. White bass fair using jigs in outlet. Walleye fair using jig and nighcrawler on flats. Channel cat fair using nightcrawlers and crawdads in outlet, crawdads and shad in lake.

HILLSDALE -- Water 80 degrees with fair clarity. Crappie fair at 12-17 feet. Largemouth bass fair on large plastic baits at 6-10 feet. Channel cat good on worms and prepared baits lakewide and in stilling basin. Walleye good on jigs and jig-minnow combos on the flats in stilling basin.

PERRY -- Water 74 degrees and clear to 16 inches. Crappie fair on tube jigs and minnows at 6-8 feet. Channel cat fair to good on shad sides, green worms, nightcrawlers or prepared baits where creeks are running into lake. Also, the Hog Trough is being baited, but it will be another week before fish arrive in numbers. White bass fair to good in stilling basin on twisters and small spinners.


DOUGLAS -- Carp fair using nightcrawlers and prepared baits around feeders. Channel cat fair on nightcrawlers and prepared baits. Bluegill fair on nightcrawlers.

LEAVENWORTH -- Largemouth bass good using plastic worms, grubs, crankbaits and shiners. Crappie fair on minnows near shore. Bluegill good on nightcrawlers. Channel cat good on shrimp and nightcrawlers.

SHAWNEE -- Black bass good on artificials along shoreline lakewide. Channel cat good on worms and prepared bait lakewide.

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