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June 19, 1999


The following is the draft proposal given to Haskell Indian Nations University to mitigate their opposition to the South Lawrence Trafficway construction through the Baker Wetlands.

Should 31st Street be the route selected in the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS), the mitigation plan to protect cultural and historical sites, acquire the needed access control, acquire necessary rights of way, and protect the wetland feature, a total of $5 million of mitigation will be required. This can be used on a combination of activities discussed with Haskell representatives and can include the following: (Estimated costs to sponsoring agencies are for estimating purposes only. If Haskell so desires, the payments could go directly to Haskell for those mitigation activities not included in KDOT/Douglas County project-related activities)

1. Return of the Baker Wetlands (This transaction will not involve KDOT or Douglas County.)

2. In a functional replacement of the Wakarusa Township fire station, KDOT will pay $250,000 that could be used as a trust to allow Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) to maintain the Baker Wetlands.

3. KDOT will include in its contract construction of earth mounds with vegetation on a temporary easement to be provided by HINU to mitigate noise on cultural and historic sites. Estimated cost $800,000.

4. The grounds presently occupied by the Wakarusa Township fire station would be transferred to HINU. Estimated cost $300,000.

5. KDOT will acquire the concrete plant at the corner of Haskell Avenue and 31st Street as a part of the project cost. At the conclusion of the project, that portion of the approximately 5-acre proposal not needed for the project will be donated to HINU.

6. As part of the mitigation package, an elevated pedestrian overcrossing will be provided to connect the HINU campus to the Baker Wetlands. Estimated cost $350,000.

7. The Trafficway would be constructed at an elevation that would withstand a 50-year-frequency flood.

8. This would leave approximately $3.3 million to be given to Haskell as compensation for one existing access point and damage to cultural and historic resources on the HINU campus.

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