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June 15, 1999


Extension service seeks

zero budget increase

A $10,000 savings in salaries will allow the Douglas County office of K-State Research & Extension to increase its program budget next year without asking for more money from the county.

At nearly $500,000, the extension budget for 2000 will stay the same as it was this year.

"We've asked for no increase, a zero increase," said Sharon Dwyer, treasurer of the extension service's executive board.

The proposed budget drew unanimous support Monday from the Douglas County Commission.

It was the last budget brought to the commission by retiring County Extension Director Dennis Bejot. Also leaving recently were long-tenured agents Garry Keeler and Roy Lee Lindsey.

Their replacements are less experienced, but no less competent, Dwyer said.

"We feel like we've hired some excellent personnel," she said.

Residential plat

wins county's OK

Douglas County commissioners approved a final plat Monday for a 160-acre, seven-lot residential development near Free State High School but not without one more debate with neighbors Bob and Betty Lichtwardt.

The couple insisted that a restrictive covenant limiting development on their property and on part of the residential development be printed on the copy of the final plat.

It was almost more than Commissioner Tom Taul could stand.

"I have a big problem with this," Taul said. "Why do we gotta keep customizing this thing for these little issues?"

The Lichtwardts circulated a protest petition concerning the residential development being pursued by Doug Compton. The argument delayed approval of the preliminary plat while the two sides hashed out their differences and finally agreed to the covenant.

Commission to meet

in Lecompton

Wednesday's Douglas County Commission meeting will be at 6:35 p.m. at Lecompton City Hall.

"The commissioners have all indicated a desire to meet in the other cities within the county," said County Administrator Craig Weinaug. "They do it whenever they have something on the agenda of particular interest to people in that part of the county."

In February, commissioners held a meeting in Baldwin.

On Wednesday, the commission will discuss a proposal to reorganize the Lecompton Fire Department.

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