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June 3, 1999


One of Lawrence's newest eateries offers a diverse menu and a hip retro dining room.

When Jupiter Deli and Bar owners Dave Heinz and Sean Gerrity were planning their new eatery, they knew that they didn't want to open another sports bar. They already own Henry T's Bar and Grill, 3520 W. Sixth, and wanted to offer a diverse menu and have a little bit of fun with the decor.

Since its opening in early May, their new little place, in Orchard Corners at 15th Street and Kasold Drive, has really fulfilled their dreams.

My wife and I visited one evening last week, and enjoyed both the restaurant's concept and the cuisine.

When you enter, the impression is of a retro, art deco '50s restaurant. Everything is sleek, streamlined and very colorful.

To the left is the bar. The flooring, seats and bar are made of blond wood and it is elegant in its simple, straightforward look. To the right is the dining room. The walls are really all windows, which let in plenty of light.

The color scheme features light hues of lemon, lime, peach and orange, while trendy blown-glass orbs are suspended overhead to represent the solar system. Many of the house seats are chrome and paddle back chairs that remind me of what my old school house cafeteria offered, except these are much more funky.

The deli strikes me as a place that the Jetsons would visit. Don't worry, though, the restaurant has just the right amount of attitude. The theme is fun without being overwhelming.

Jupiter offers tasty deli fare and a well-stocked bar with several wine selections. Salad offerings include the Chicken Bread and Smoked Trout, while appetizers include Black Bean Hummus, crab cakes and a smoked fish platter.

I chose a Spicy Pork Philly sandwich, while my wife ordered the Stuffed Chicken Breast from the entree selections. She received a house salad with her order, and the presentation of the salad was commendable. It was colorful and not the usual "lettuce and more lettuce" dish that most places serve.

Other sandwiches include the Portobello and Pesto, Deviled Egg Salad, Gruyere Steak and Italian Ham; entrees include a Beef Filet, Grilled Center Cut Pork and Gorgonzola Primavera.

My Philly sandwich was made of roasted pork, grilled peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and a spicy red sauce on a baguette. It was delicious, but I recommend the kitchen back off on the sauce a wee bit.

My wife's chicken breast was stuffed with portobello mushrooms, Swiss cheese and proscuitto ham, accompanied by rice pilaf and green beans. I tried a bite and it was excellent.

As the restaurant grows and develops its clientele, more entrees will be added, Gerrity said. For now the deli features three different additional entrees each night to complement the current menu.

Most prices for menu selections are in line with what other similar restaurants charge, though a few seemed a bit steep, and there is certainly enough variety that patrons can find something to please both their appetites and their wallets.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings Jupiter also offers breakfast.

The deli's staff should be commended for trying something different and for having a sense of humor when it comes to developing the decor. I look forward to my next trek out to Jupiter Deli and Bar.

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Restaurant: Jupiter Deli and Bar, 3300 W. 15th St.

Hours: From 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. daily. The bar is open until 2 a.m.

Specialties: Soups, Quiche Florentine and Smoked Trout and Chicken Bread salads. Appetizers feature Proscuitto and Topenade Bruschetta, Black Bean Hummus, a smoked fish platter and crab cakes. Sandwich offerings are Portobello and Pesto, Deviled Egg Salad, Bagel and Lox, Gruyere Steak and Spicy Pork Philly. Entrees include a Beef Filet, Stuffed Chicken Breast and the Gorgonzola Primavera.

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