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July 26, 1999


David Greenbaum

Special to the Journal-World

I have a problem. After I save something from the Internet as a file, whenever I try to get to that file when I am not on the Internet, a window pops up telling me that "WINDOWS Cannot find PBE.exe." This program is needed for opening JPG, JPE Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition Image files. I don't have that program anymore and can't find it anywhere.

This problem is most likely due to the fact, that at one time, Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition was installed on your computer. When the program was removed or uninstalled, Windows 95 did not remove the association of a JPG Internet image file with that program. Thus, when you try to open the image file, it looks for that program.

To have Windows 98 look for a different program to view JPG files, double click the My Computer Icon, then go to the View Menu and choose "Folder Options," then choose the File Types tab. Scroll down and find any mention of JPG format in the listings. On each listing, double click the listing and then click the Edit button. A window will appear titled "Editing action for file type: JPG." In the middle of that window will be a button labeled "Browse." At that point, you can specify which program to open a JPG file with. Most people use MSPaint, which can be found by double clicking the hard drive. Then go to the Program Files folder, then to Accessories, then finally double click MSPaint.

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