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July 26, 1999


Douglas County sheriff's officers are warning area motorists about a man who reportedly imitated a law enforcement officer, pulled a female driver over and sexually battered her.

About 10:30 a.m. Sunday, the man reportedly pulled a female motorist over using a red light bar on his white sedan while the woman was driving west on Kansas Highway 10 at Douglas County Road 1057, sheriff's officers reported.

Sheriff's officers said the man was wearing a blue uniform and a "duty belt," similar to the belts that law enforcement officers wear.

The suspect asked for the woman's driver's license, wrote down information from the license, then gave the license back to the woman and said she could leave.

The suspect then pulled the woman over again at K-10 and East 1750 Road, said he suspected that she had drugs or weapons, and asked to search her and the vehicle.

The suspect allegedly sexually battered the victim while searching her, then searched her car before allowing her to leave.

Sheriff's Cpl. Gary Squires said officers had no other reports of similar incidents on Sunday night.

Officers were still searching for the suspect's vehicle.

Squires recommended that motorists ask for officer identification if they believe there is something suspicious about a car stop.

The Douglas County sheriff's office and Kansas Highway Patrol are the only law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction along K-10 in Douglas County, Squires said.

All officers in both departments wear patches on their shoulders, badges with their names, and matching name tags, he said.

Anyone with information about the suspect vehicle should call the sheriff's office at 841-0007.

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