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July 22, 1999


The new Green Meadows Park could be open by next spring, barring any snags in the city's parks and recreation master plan, a city official said.

City officials and a landscape architect unveiled nearly complete plans for a new park in southwest Lawrence Wednesday, and residents liked what they saw.

"I think you did a real good job " based on all the comments at the last meeting," said Michael Odrowski.

A second meeting on Green Meadows Park was held Wednesday at Southwest Junior High, 2511 Inverness.

C.L. Maurer, a landscape architect with Landplan Engineering of Lawrence, outlined features of the park, which will be located just west of Winterbrook Drive.

They include an open area on the park's north end, and a pond at the park's south end with at least one fountain to keep the water from being stagnant.

Benches, picnic tables, a small shelter, a half-sized basketball court and a small playground area also are planned.

The park will not have a parking lot. People will be able to walk to it from a concrete sidewalk that will be built from Winterbrook Drive.

A cost estimate for the park hasn't been made, but Ernie Shaw, superintendent of maintenance for the city's parks and recreation department, said it would be relatively inexpensive.

"This isn't going to be a multimillion-dollar project," he said.

Maurer said some details of the park still must be determined, such as how deep the pond will be and whether it will be stocked with fish.

"What we're talking about here isn't a place where a lot of people will be able to drive in and there will be big crowds," Shaw said. "It's more like a neighborhood area -- a place where a family could come and just sit down and have a picnic, or you might see five or six people hanging around, and maybe a couple of people fishing on a couple of the corners of the lake."

The park will not be lighted, a request that several residents made during an initial public meeting.

After a cost estimate is made, the park will be brought to the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission and the city commission for approval.

The park could be completed by spring, Shaw said, depending on where it is placed in the city's updated parks and recreation master plan.

"Now, it's an eyesore -- an overgrown area," Odrowski said. "It will make the area much more enjoyable for southwest Lawrence."

"We're eager for it," said Jill Haynes, who along with her husband, Dave, live just east of the park.

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