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July 9, 1999


Three pit bull puppies stolen from a Lawrence woman Monday were likely taken for use in dog fighting, said the local Humane Society director.

"We have a huge group of kids and adults who are fighting pit bulls," said Midge Grinstead, executive director of the Lawrence Humane Society Inc.

"There are people out there who snatch (dogs)," Grinstead said. "We get calls every day."

Jessica Brockman reported three 9-week-old pit bulls were stolen from her home in the 1600 block of West Sixth Terrace.

According to police spokesman Sgt. George Wheeler, Brockman reported that the puppies, part of a group of six, were stolen from her garage. The other three puppies were left in the garage.

Brockman told police she was unsure if the garage door was locked. The value of the puppies was placed at $1,700.

Brockman, who could not be reached for comment, has been at the center of complaints about pit bulls in the neighborhood around Sixth and Illinois.

One of her dogs is alleged to have killed a Yorkshire Terrier in May.

Grinstead said because counties around Douglas have banned pit bulls, a lot of dog fighters are coming here to keep their animals and to look for dogs to use in training pit bulls.

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