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July 6, 1999


The Kansas State Board of Education has had at least 38 tie votes during the past two years.

Among them were ballots on:

  • Student assessments. The board failed to approve the ongoing contract for the state student assessments in June 1997. The following month it again failed to pass a motion.
  • Curriculum standards. In June 1998, the board refused to accept proposed math standards.
  • Teacher preparation and licensure. When an advisory board, formed in 1992, recommended changes in licensure preparation and teacher certification in January 1998, the board's 5-5 vote did not support the proposed regulations.
  • Alternative accreditation of nongovernmental schools. Since 1996 the board has been asked three times to consider steps granting state accreditation to schools that meet the standards of alternative or denominational accrediting bodies such as the Association of Christian Schools International. In June 1997 the board wouldn't approve naming a task force to develop alternative accreditation for non-government elementary and secondary schools, and at the same time wouldn't approve allowing the board chair to work with the Kansas State High School Activities Assn. to accommodate nonpublic schools that aren't accredited by the state. Both rejections were expressed in 5-5 splits.
  • Board and department involvement with the School to Work initiatives. In 1998, Kansas received a $16.8 million grant to fund School to Careers programs, a grant that the governor assigned to the board to administer. In September 1998, the board split 5-5 on two votes: removing School to Work from the fiscal year 2000 budget and accepting the budget including School to Work. In September 1998, the board voted 6-4 to approve a budget including School to Work, but drafted a letter to the governor asking that the program be sent to another agency.

-- JL Watson

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