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July 6, 1999


A temporary solution to a broken water line that left about 100 people without water in and around the town of Clinton appears to be working fine.

"For a couple of days we suffered a little bit, but we're not doing bad," said Marilyn Stone, manager of the Clinton Store and resident of the small community, which is on the west side of Clinton Lake.

A broken water line under the lake left Clinton residents without water from late Thursday to Friday evening.

Douglas County Rural Water District No. 3 restored water service Friday by tapping into a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers water line that runs only 50 feet away from the district's line.

Stone said nearly all residents in the area have water service, although she knew of one man who lived on a nearby hill who had very little water pressure.

"They've been trying everything to try to get his water pressure up," she said.

Dave Rhoades, manager of Clinton Lake park for the corps of engineers, said the line that was tapped for Clinton residents also is used for campgrounds.

Initially, officials were concerned that accessing the line would mean there wouldn't be enough water pressure for campers during the busy holiday weekend. But Rhoades said there were no problems, either with campers or residents.

"We haven't heard of any problems or anything," he said Monday. "We were probably about 90 percent full. So far, so good."

Stone said residents weren't sure how long it would be before Rural Water District No. 3 is able to repair the line.

"It could be three months, but we're going to hang tight," she said.

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