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July 6, 1999


To the editor:

I find it interesting how foolish some people are about Social Security. It's a wonder to listen to people who really believe that our government really takes Social Security seriously. In reality, it's a slush fund for the president to spend at his disposal while those who believe it's going to be there for them accept that President Bill just wants to save it so that you will have nothing to worry about when you retire.

Just another example of our president being a hypocrite is the fact that when he started the little war in Serbia and then needed a little emergency spending to pay for it in the amount of $15 billion, where did he go for that money? Social Security, of course.

You don't really expect the government to have to make hard choices do you? To me if the nation wants a war, then we should have to decide which part of the budget over the next few years gets cut to pay for all those bombs. Each time one of those emergency spending things come up, they go right back to good old Social Security to pay for it.

Bad weather in South America destroys villages and towns and we send another Social Security check to Honduras. Earthquake in Colombia or Mexico and we send another Social Security check. Little war in Europe that has no vital interest to the United States and we send another Social Security check. Then here comes President Bill to tell us again that Social Security is going broke and we must save it, again.

My goodness how silly it is to think that we should cut taxes or return the excess taxes to the hard working Americans who need it to raise their families. After all we need to save Social Security. Then there is next year when famine strikes in some far off place and we need more emergency spending so we send another Social Security check. Or there will be another distant war where we must send the troops and off they go no questions asked, with another social security check.

Folks I dare you to question this policy. And I strongly suggest that you convince someone that you should be allowed to save a good chunk of your Social Security in your own retirement account. And for those who don't want to, well they can wait for that next emergency spending bill. Because one things for sure. The day is coming when you will need your own emergency spending and guess what? You had better join the foreign legion, because that's as close as you're going to get to your Social Security check.

Dan Eyler,

2837 Lankford Dr.

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