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July 5, 1999


Head(ache) of the class

All those years you said school was a real pain " you were right. Researchers in Finland have found that children just starting out in school suffer an increase in headaches, probably due to stress. Reporting in the journal Pediatrics, researchers looking at 1,433 children ages 6 to 7 said they found a "significant increase" in the number of occasional headaches during the first 12 months after school started.

A towering achievement

A lofty Northern California redwood has been identified as the world's tallest living thing. Named the "Mendocino Tree," the 600- to 800-year-old redwood near Ukiah stands 367 feet tall. The older and more massive "Tall Tree" in Redwood National Park held the previous title. It once stood nearly 368 feet tall, but lost 10 feet during a winter storm.

-- From J-W Wire Reports

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