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January 20, 1999


Kansas men's basketball coach Roy Williams didn't seem all that upset after last Saturday's 64-60 loss at UMass.

He cracked a few jokes during post-game comments with reporters, then chatted amicably with Minuteman coach Bruiser Flint.

Suffice it to say, Williams masked his emotions well. He was quite miffed at the Jayhawks' effort on the backboards, pointing out a variety of errors during a spirited film session back in Lawrence on Sunday night.

"We showed them plays we were talking about. If that doesn't do anything to you, you are not very competitive," Williams said.

Ears ringing, the Jayhawks -- who were outrebounded 46-33 by UMass -- outboarded Texas, 51-35, in a 76-67 victory Monday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

"We had a lot of energy saved up after Saturday. We were sorry Saturday. The kids know it's true," Williams said, growing a bit irritated just thinking about the effort.

"We were so much more active (against UT). If we are going to be a good rebounding team, it has to be a major emphasis. I think it's something we can do every night, but it's not always going to happen, either."

Sophomore center Eric Chenowith grabbed 13 boards Monday after tallying 10 at UMass. Nick Bradford and T.J. Pugh grabbed nine caroms apiece.

"I told the kids I was proud of their effort and intensity on the backboards," Williams said.

Bradford continues to amaze, fighting inside as a 6-foot-6, 190-pound power forward.

"I told Nick from pregame meal to game time he had to gain about 40 pounds. We knew Texas was big and strong," Williams said. "Nick, T.J. and Eric had some rebounds. But I also told our guards I wanted career highs out of them like at Missouri. Ryan (Robertson) got two and Jeff (Boschee) had zero so they didn't listen to me much.

"We talked about fighting for position as the shot goes up. Don't stand and look at them and then fight for position. Go get position."

  • Injuries: Williams said Tuesday he fully expects Lester Earl (ankle sprain) will play in Sunday's game against Missouri. Tipoff is 1:05 p.m. at Allen Fieldhouse. Pugh was able to play and grab nine boards Monday after re-spraining one of his two bad ankles Monday.

  • Master Ps and Qs: The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported Tuesday that LSU officials are looking into rapper Master P's possible relationship with some Tiger athletes, including KU's Lester Earl, who left LSU during his freshman year.

LSU compliance officer Bo Bahnsen said chancellor William Jenkins and assistant coach Butch Pierre saw Earl driving a car owned by Master P last spring break. Roy Maughan, Jr., a lawyer who represents Master P, called allegations that Earl drove a car owned by the rapper "offensive."

Tevester Scott, a top executive of Master P's Sports Management Company said: "I think it's all a bunch of bleep. LSU's got problems and they are just looking to drag other people into it."

Both Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, and Earl are natives of Baton Rouge, La.

KU compliance director Janelle Martin said Earl, like all other KU athletes, has filled out a student-athlete vehicle information form detailing information about any and all vehicles he drives. Familiar with Earl's files, she said KU has no concern about any vehicles driven by Earl and believes it is a non-issue here.

Boschee on fire: Freshman point guard Jeff Boschee hit five of seven three-pointers Monday and has made 13 of 22 threes for the season. He has 46 points in KU's last three games.

"I'm feeling good right now," Boschee said. "When the shots are falling, you just keep going and going. They were going down. That makes the offense look better."

Restricted earnings case: The $67 million judgment a federal jury ordered the NCAA to pay a group of entry level coaches last May jumped to $74 million last week. The NCAA is expected to appeal this award to over 200 coaches, including KU assistant Joe Holladay.

"There was such a belligerent attitude from the NCAA people. This could have been solved a heck of a lot quicker and for a heck of a lot less money," KU coach Williams said on this week's Big 12 coaches' teleconference.

"I've got coaches who would have been perfectly happy three years ago if the NCAA had hanged the rule and given them $11.95 and said, `Go have a nice meal.' I've got to think the majority of restricted-earnings coaches feel that way and felt that way. They've (NCAA) made some people mad. Now, some people want some more out of it."

Williams said he didn't want restricted earnings coaches to become millionaires over the case because that would harm student-athletes. He said he wishes cooler heads could prevail and a settlement could be reached.

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