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January 20, 1999


The Joint City-Universities Task Force was created to study abuse of alcohol by students within the community, on the campuses of the two Lawrence universities and among young students in Lawrence public schools.

Here is what task force members learned:

  • Fifty-eight percent of Kansas University students and half of Haskell Indian Nations University students said they engaged in binge drinking (five or more drinks in one sitting) in the previous two weeks.
  • More than half of under-age students at Haskell and KU said they could easily obtain alcohol in local bars.
  • Students indicated that a fake ID is easily obtained in Lawrence and bar owners testified the fake ID problem is getting worse.
  • Students said alcohol was available in the home, from friends, "corn field" parties, private apartments, fraternities and sororities, scholarship halls and residence halls.
  • A majority of students testifying before the task force indicated they knew of someone who had been raped after they had been drinking alcohol.
  • One of the most pressing problems for Lawrence school district staff is the lack of treatment services for adolescents or youths.
  • Sixteen percent of sixth-graders, 19 percent of eighth-graders, 11 percent of 10th- and 11th-graders first use of alcohol without permission was age 12 or younger.
  • Students said fines were an ineffective deterrent to underage drinking.
  • The backlog in testing at state laboratories made it more difficult to prosecute minors charged with possession of alcohol.
  • Since 1994, four KU students have died as a result of alcohol abuse or as a result of alcohol abuse by others.

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