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January 20, 1999


Why is there an extremely long line every time I go to pay my car tags or taxes? There aren't very many clerks at the counter, although employees seem to be available in the vicinity. Why aren't they up front helping?

Procrastination might be at play here.

Douglas County Treasurer Pat Wells said people who wait to pay their car tags until the day they are due will encounter lines longer than those earlier in the month.

"If the person comes in at the end of the month, of course there's going to be a long line," she said.

Wells said employees in her office who might be milling about are doing other jobs related to the treasurer's office.

"The employees they possibly may be seeing are employees who work behind the scenes," she said. "They might be getting reports ready to send to the state, or they might be doing mail or writing letters to lien holders."

Wells has six clerks who work at the counter, but employees also are entitled to breaks and go to lunch on three periods.

"Two clerks are gone each lunch hour, and we have three lunch hours," she said.

Clerks also might be absent because of illnesses, vacations, family illnesses or a death in the family, Wells added.

Can you provide an address for Faith Hill?

You can write to the country singer at 7021 Mayflower Circle, Brentwood, Tenn. 37027.

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