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January 7, 1999


Just before Christmas, Chuck and Dianna Orona lost $250 of lumber meant for a Christmas present. On New Year's Day, it was found.

The Oronas were driving home with lumber to build two new stalls in their barn on Dec. 22. On a gravel road near their home, North 1500 Road, half the lumber slipped off the trailer. They unhitched the trailer at their home on North 1550 Road and drove back their down their route, just 15 minutes later. The lumber was gone. The stalls for their horses J.J. and Tigger, a Christmas present for Mrs. Orona, were delayed.

They called the sheriff's department. They checked with lumber yards. Chuck Orona went door to door, looking for the lost lumber. They put a classified advertisement in the Journal-World, and on Jan. 1 a story ran in the paper about their lost lumber.

One of their neighbors, Sonny Williams, called them that day.

"The person that had found the lumber on the road called us, and said he had it and he was hoping he could find out who owned it," Mrs. Orona said. "He said it came off in two perfect piles."

The wood fell off the trailer just where the Oronas thought it had -- on a hill on North 1500 Road. Williams came across the wood in the road and moved it to his barn to get it out of the way. He was trying the find out whom it belonged to.

"It was one of the houses we went to the next morning, but there was no one home when we went to it," Mrs. Orona said. "He was not even a half-mile from our house."

The Oronas picked the wood up on Sunday, but haven't started building the stalls yet. The couple said they were impressed with the number of calls they received from people offering to help.

"We've had so many people call," Mrs. Orona said. "I would really like to write a letter ... thanking everyone. It's been really refreshing to know so many people are still interested in other people."

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