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January 2, 1999


Why did the Lawrence Police Department tell you what two suspended officers did, while saying the reason a third officer was suspended is confidential? They won't release what James R. Miller Jr. did. Why is that?

Police and city officials didn't say the suspensions for James W. Miller and Todd Polson were related to their arrests on charges of battery and operating under the influence, respectively. However, the suspensions went into effect directly after their arrests.

Arrests are public information, but information on disciplinary actions concerning city employees is not, and city and police officials will not discuss disciplinary matters.

James R. Miller, a former sergeant on the force, either quit or was fired from his position in November.

Why do cats like catnip?

The active substance of catnip, nepetalactone, sets off in the cat's brain behavioral patterns usually connected with pleasurable or exciting things.

"The Book of Science Questions and Answers," published by The New York Times, reports that cats under the influence of catnip may engage in activities related to sexual response, such as rubbing and rolling; the playlike response, such as leaf chasing, batting or tossing; and hunting or feeding behavior.

About half of adult domestic cats are affected by catnip, and the sensitivity is hereditary.

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