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February 26, 1999


FFA students brought a little piece of the farm to students at local elementary schools.

It was the funniest thing the Broken Arrow School second-graders had heard all day, and they rolled with laughter and kid giggles until the teacher shushed them.

But then the animal said "baaa" a second time, and the children again lost control.

The conversation had begun even before the little black lamb was out of its traveling crate.

As part of National FFA Week, groups of high school students involved in the program made the rounds of several elementary schools Thursday. In addition to the black lamb, a calf and a pig were shown off as part of a wiggling, breathing show-and-tell.

Julie McIntyre's Broken Arrow class was visited by the lamb and Lawrence High School students Kristy Wempe, Sarah Buttenhoff and Candi Lucero.

"We brought the farm to you," said Wempe, who owns the lamb. "We brought a little part of it."

After a short lecture about sheep being raised for meat and wool, the children finally got to meet their guest of honor.

That's when the questions of Wempe began:

Q: "What's her name?"

A: "Her name is Sucky Baby."

Q: "Does she bite?"

A: "She bites me all the time. It doesn't hurt."

Q: "Can you let her run around?"

A: "If I let her run around, do you know how long it would take me to catch her?"

Q: "How old are they when they have babies?"

A: "They are about a year old when they have babies."

"That's kind of young," a student responded.

McIntyre said the visit was the kind of activity that would carry more weight than a textbook lesson about farming. She said the visit would likely be talked about for days to come.

"It takes very little to get them excited," McIntyre said.

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