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February 22, 1999


Southwest Junior High School hosted the first Southwest Invitational Chess Tournament on Feb. 6. One-hundred and sixteen students from 18 schools participated.

The SW Bulldogs walked away with the first-place trophy in the Junior High Division, with Doug Raney, Dylan McClain, Chris Blaine, Bruno Simoes, Ed DeLaTorre and Chris Alonge placing in the tournament.

Ninth-graders Dan Gentry and Ken Owens earned places in the High School Division.

Also participating on the SW team were Chris Wolff, Richard Williams, Tim Haynes, Austin Kelly, Jennifer Falk, Luke Henry, Kyle Landers, Jake Hubbard, Amy Connolly, Devin Hurd and Justin Kelly.

Kelly Barker, Bulldog chess coach, organized the event.

This is the third year in a row that Southwest has placed first in the Lawrence tournament

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  • Students in SW's new program, Generation Why, are meeting several times a week at 7 a.m. to increase their skills with computer technology. One of their goals is to become proficient enough to pair up with one of their teachers and develop computer-assisted instructional programs for classes.

Working with teachers Ben Mellen, Marci Johnson and Kelly Barker, the students are learning how to search for information on the Internet, how to scan photos for use in multimedia presentations, how to create Web pages and other skills.

Students in the program are Kim Baker, Ashley Bliss, John Bloch, Devon Brothers, Amy Connolly, Courtney Gilreath, Luke Henry, Devin Hurd, Liz Hyler, Ben Marshall, Noah Martin, Priya Mishra, Jim Piller, Jacob Rahmeier, Paul Ryu, Bruno Simoes, Kit Swain, Katie Towner, Valerie Wiesner and Stephanie Yates.

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  • The ninth-grade pod has a new feature -- an indoor water garden.

Science classes will be taking data on such factors as pH, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, nitrites, ammonia general hardness, carbonate hardness and temperature. Comparisons with the established outdoor pond will be made.

The new pond, which already has become a favorite study place, was constructed by ninth-grade students with assistance from Deb Spencer of Water's Edge, SW's business partner, and SW parent Bob Dannevik.

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  • Southwest is proud of the students who serve as Peer Partners for their fellow students who have autism. Students who volunteer their time are Tristen Desetti, Jeni Phillips, Emily Yessen, Whitney Attebury, Jennifer Donnally, Jennifer Holladay, Victoria Cox, Morgan Tarr, Gary Johnson, Megan Dougherty, Matt Kincaid, Kan Li, Brian Bennett, Kevin Brown, Tyler Horken, Chris Longino, Jack O'Bryon, Spencer Wilson, John Schreiner, Heidi Haynes, Tymber Dhans, Elizabeth Tomlin, Sarah Butler, Kaylee Wempe, Lori Lemesany, Laura Koenig, Kelsey Woolard, Elizabeth McConnell, Katie Bushouse, Stephani Heider and Arda Altun. Amy Fontenot organizes the program.

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  • Mock trials are annual events culminating the study of the judicial process in ninth-grade civics classes at SW. Students in each class assume roles related to the prosecution and defense in a simulated criminal case, prepare the cases and try the cases in front of a jury.

Student judges for the nine classes are Jason Fry, Matt Maness, Kristen Jordan, Elizabeth McConnell, Mike Folkmann, Josh Bailey, Kaylee Wempe, Nic Dannevik and Derek Bailey.

Preparing cases for the prosecution are attorneys Kelly Jones, Morgan Tarr, Charles Leifer, Lincoln Lewis, Susan Guth, Michelle Wilson, Emily Yessen, Spencer Wilson, Jeff Cravens, Mike Ryu, Leslie Suitt, Molly Kocour, Sarah Butler, Jenny Kratz, Christy Seeley, Caitlin King, Peter Stephens, Kasey Huffman, Sarah Parkinson, Siwei Zhu, Danielle Ichelson and Matt Lawrence.

Defending the accused are attorneys Brian Bennett, Jacob Allsbrooks, Lauren Schulman, Brandon Jalali, Josh Slater, Tom Kugler, Melissa Xin, Brityn Nieder, Tyler Horken, Brian Dobski, Kan Li, Becca Phipps, Michael Ornburn, Chris Johnson, Lisa Lewin, Jennifer Donnally, Allison Wright, David Parkinson, Sarah Charnes, Ben Wells and Brandon Sayre.

Teachers setting up the simulation and coaching students for their roles were Sue Hack, Connie Wehmeyer and Chris Muehlberger.

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  • Student Council co-president Sarah Butler represented SW at the Lawrence public schools Futures Planning Conference.

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  • The following SW students have been selected to represent their school at the School-to-Careers Conference, sponsored by Lawrence public schools, on Feb. 23: Matt Dick, Matt Edman, Erika Fisher, Shala Goolsby, Jessica Halverstadt, Luke Henry, Bo Liu, Michael Ornburn, Ken Owens, Geoffrey Salvatore and Tyson Williams.

These students will share their insights about the relationship between schools and careers, and learn to identify factors to consider in selecting courses and making decisions about other career-preparation activities, such as volunteer work.

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  • Home basketball games had a new feature this season at Southwest, as a crew of ninth-graders grilled hamburgers to serve to basketball fans before the games. The SW version of tailgating was made possible through the generosity of SW's business partner, McDonald's.

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