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February 18, 1999


To the editor:

A concealed weapons law isn't about people pulling guns on the street or outside bars. It is about the legal ability for all of us to protect ourselves from being victimized in the state of Kansas. People able to qualify for this permit are not the ones to be afraid of. On the contrary, they will be the most trusted and respected citizens because of the qualification process to obtain a permit.

They can change the attitude of criminals that think, "I won't be thwarted or caught." because they will not know who has a weapon concealed until they try to commit a crime against that person. That is the only time it will be obvious that permit-holders are making the streets safer for all of us.

These permits are for self defense of the permit-holder and his family, not a license to be aggressive toward anyone else. To put everyone at ease about which of your friends or neighbors or "bad guys" might be carrying a gun. These are the qualifications required to get a permit as condensed from House Bill 2240. Applicants must be: (1) be a county resident for six months; (2) over 21; (3) physically able to safely handle a gun; (4) never convicted or placed on diversion for any felony, any domestic violence (even a misdemeanor); (5) not mentally ill; (6) not an alcoholic; (7) not a drug abuser; (8) not been dishonorably discharged from the military; (9) not judged incompetent; (10) not under a restraining order under the protection from abuse act; (11) and is a U.S. citizen; (12) desires a legal means of self protection; (13) receives training in safe storage of weapons, actual firing of weapons and the laws of this state governing the carry of concealed weapons and use of deadly force. In addition applicants must be photographed, fingerprinted, have a permanent address, submit to background check, and pay a fee of $125.

If you are walking home alone after dark or driving late at night and have car trouble on a lonely stretch of road who would you rather have walk up to you, a concealed carry permit holder with a gun or someone that couldn't qualify for a permit with a knife?

Ray Ikenberry,

1253 N. 900 Rd.

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