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February 17, 1999


Is it against a city ordinance to put up a barbed wire fence in the city of Lawrence?

If you want to put up barbed wire, you'd better have a tall fence.

Lynn Goodell, the city's director of housing and neighborhood development, said such fences would be illegal in the city -- unless it met the following exception, as described in the city code:

"No electrically charged fence or barbed wire or other similar fence shall be erected or maintained within the city, except barbed wire may be used on top of a fence which is more than four (4) feet in height."

What happened to the investigation into the First Management fire on Tennessee Street?

The fire near the Maupin House on Tennessee where some apartments are being built is still under investigation, Fire Marshal Rich Barr said.

"We have not closed the file on it," Barr said. "We had determined that there were accelerants in the structure. We were unable to rule out arson. There was no electrical. There was no gas service. There were actually no utilities at all."

What camping facilities are available at Clinton Lake?

Dave Rhoades, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park manager at Clinton Lake, said that the Corps has several campgrounds. At Bloomington Park on the west side of the lake, there are three campgrounds -- Cedar Ridge, Hickory and Walnut. The Corps also has campgrounds at Rock Haven and Woodridge Park.

He said the city of Lawrence has a day park.

Clinton State Park on the northeast side of the lake has three campgrounds and a marina.

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