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February 17, 1999


Lawrence High School administrators plan to meet next week to discuss the length of suspension for a sophomore who brought a knife to school.

An educational placement meeting to figure out how to meet the student's educational needs while he is on suspension also is in the works, Principal Dick Patterson said Wednesday.

Patterson said the student brought a "butterfly" knife to school Tuesday. Another student told school officials, Patterson said.

"We identified the student, brought the student to student services, and a school resource officer and police conducted a search and found a butterfly knife right before lunch," the principal said. "The weapon wasn't in a dangerous mode. It wasn't out in the open. I would like to say it was in a backpack, but I don't know that for sure."

The student did not at any time use the weapon, which opens with centrifugal force, against anyone, Patterson said.

Sgt. George Wheeler said police detained the 17-year-old student on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon.

The incident marks the second time in a week that Lawrence schools have suspended students for having weapons.

On Feb. 10, administrators at West Junior High School suspended two seventh-graders after one of the girls came to school with an unloaded, non-working handgun in her backpack. The school suspended a second student for knowing about the handgun but not telling anyone. Several other students did report the gun and won the praise of school officials.

West principal Mick Lowe said Wednesday that he could not discuss discipline for the two students suspended last week at his school.

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