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February 11, 1999


Alyssa Buecker, the Lawrence teen-ager who landed a three-year contract with HBO to air her "Guinea Pig Trilogy" on its new "30 x 30: Kids Flicks" show, has now been told the cable network wants her to make a new movie next year.

Her mother, Nancy Pistorius, said an HBO official told Alyssa that the network is commissioning films from a select group of youths. The network also asked Alyssa to provide footage of her filming and editing her new movie. That will air when that movie is shown.

Alyssa's trilogy -- "Hazel the Guinea Pig's Package," "The Christmas Caper" and "Guinea Pigs from Mars" -- will air on the HBO Family Channel at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Feb. 26, March 2, March 19 and March 23. Two of her films will be included in each episode of the program.

Alyssa, 14, is a consistent winner in the KAN Film Festival with her movies, which star her 19 guinea pigs. Her trilogy was routed to HBO officials by judges of the Sony/Visions of America Contest, sponsored by the American Film Institute.

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