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December 30, 1999


To the editor:

We would like to bring to the community's attention a proposal before the Lawrence Traffic Safety Commission. The proposal calls for a ban on left turns for northbound Naismith traffic. This would force all traffic to turn right at the corner of Naismith Drive and Crescent Road. We feel that forcing all traffic around the Chi Omega Fountain and circling into the surrounding neighborhood streets is a detriment to the neighborhood.

The Kansas University Department of Traffic Control has proposed prohibiting left turns from Naismith onto Crescent or to continue north on Naismith. When this proposal was presented six to seven years ago it was soundly defeated.

This proposal may also include a concrete island at Naismith and Crescent. All traffic would then be forced to turn right, circling the fountain. Therefore, traffic would intensify along Crescent Road and Naismith Drive, as well as West Campus Road, University Drive and Engel Road.

Also, over the years the University has continued to close or restrict traffic on streets close to campus. To restrict traffic any further would be ludicrous.

The timing of this proposal is somewhat questionable as well. Most of the opposition is gone for winter break.

We urge you to voice your concerns about this proposal at the next Traffic Safety Commission meeting, Jan. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the city commission room at city hall, 6 E. Sixth.

Bill and Janet Muggy,


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