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December 30, 1999


Kansas City, Mo. -- What's Kansas University's men's basketball coach Roy Williams' New Year's resolution for 2000?

"I'm going to try to stop using the word 'frickin,' '' Williams said Wednesday at his Sprint Shootout press conference.

"A little ol' lady wrote me. She is 88 and said it sort of bothered her. She's right. We'll see if it can last through the first heated timeout because I do use it in those heated timeouts," Williams added.

KU's coach has used the word on his weekly radio show.

"I'll say they don't know what they are frickin' talking about," he said of some callers. "I'll use it in the press once or twice every couple weeks."

He also indicated he'll try to stop citing other professions when making a point.

After KU's win over Princeton he said his coaching staff had "forgotten more basketball than any plumber or pharmacist has ever thought about standing over the john."

"I got a letter saying I've got to get off plumbers," Williams said.

"He (letter writer) said I've used plumbers a couple times. He wanted me to use electricians. Another guy wrote and wanted me to use lawyers.

"I've never told a plumber or a pharmacist or electrician or anything how to run their business but everybody is an expert on basketball. I've decided I will not use anybody's occupation. I'm just going to say the media. You guys are criticized whether you write good articles or bad articles anyway," he added, laughing.

Dizzy spell: KU coach Williams left Wednesday's practice temporarily after suffering a dizzy spell.

Williams headed to the locker room and returned to finish practice after grabbing a cold drink. KU's coach has been afflicted by cases of dizziness on several occasions in the past, including an episode in which he nearly crumbled to the floor several seasons ago during a game at Kemper Arena.

Williams, who said he saw no need to head to the hospital, indicated he felt fine Wednesday night prior to hopping on the team bus for Kansas City. KU will meet Saint Louis in the Sprint Shootout at 8:05 tonight at Kemper Arena.

  • Clinic set for Friday: KU will hold its annual basketball clinic for boys and girls grades 3 through 8 from noon until 4 p.m. on Friday at Allen Fieldhouse. Registration is 11 a.m. at the fieldhouse with the cost $50. Participants will receive a T-shirt, poster, hour-long autograph session with the players and ticket to the KU-Pennsylvania game on Jan. 4.

  • He's not leaving: Williams received a job offer in the mail this week. A letter supposedly from Olympic Marketing of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, addressed to Williams read:

"My company is currently seeking a candidate for a management position in the Kansas City area. Your name was given to us as a highly qualified prospect. If you are looking for a career change or would consider one, please call me at your earliest convenience to arrange an interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon."

Williams jokingly wondered if it was a trick somebody was playing on him.

"I can tell you this is not the way we recruit," he laughed. "Maybe one of your friends is playing a trick on me or maybe it's a Kansas alumni that's not real pleased."

Next year's Shootout: No opponent has been selected for next year's Sprint Shootout, though KU will likely play a game in Kemper Arena.

"I have mixed emotions," Williams said. "We have to be extremely cautious in taking a big-time game and playing it in Kansas City every year. I don't think it's fair to the season ticket holders that made this the greatest place there is to play college basketball. I'd say yes we are going to play a game there. We don't have a team now. We try to save one date."

Vacation: KU's coach spent Christmas with his wife and two children in a warm climate. He didn't specify the location, but yes a beach was involved.

quiet and I probably needed that. It was probably good for me. Without any doubt it helps you to back off a bit."

Y2K: Eric Chenowith's dad, Bob, has a special interest in Y2K.

"My dad is supervising architect at Orange County sanitation department (in California)," Chenowith said. "Everybody is concerned about electricity and sanitation. He is scratching his head thinking, 'I'm hoping all this stuff I've done the last two years is going to work out.' He's been doing a lot of Y2K stuff the last two years."

Will sewage disposal and electricity work when the computers turn over? "My dad is in charge. It'll be OK," Chenowith declared.

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