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December 29, 1999


To the editor:

During this holiday season, it's nice to know there are many caring and generous people in Lawrence that express their appreciation for the hard work their city sanitation workers do all year long. My husband is one of those people who work in extreme summer and winter conditions and who wants to thank the citizens of Lawrence who show their appreciation during this joyous time of year by the delicious home-baked goodies and other gifts left atop their trash containers.

However, there's always someone out there that has to put a damper on the holiday spirit. Last week, on my husband's route, someone left a sack of warm animal feces on top of their trash can. Why couldn't they have put the sack inside the can?

Aside from this unfortunate incident, I'm sure all of the sanitation workers wish to say thank you for your generosity this holiday season.

Jessica Devers,


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