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99 — 1899, THAT IS

December 26, 1999


A hundred years ago the Lawrence Daily Journal's Jan. 1, 1900, edition published a roundup of events that happened the previous year.

An editorial in the Jan. 1, 1900, edition of the Lawrence Daily Journal reflected on 1899 as the most prosperous year on record. There was no hype about stepping into the last century of the millennium or saying farewell to the 1800s.

Portions of the editorial follow.

"... In other years we have been prosperous, have done good work for ourselves and for the public but in no one year in our history has so much been accomplished in public and private for Lawrence as in 1899.

"In the columns of the Journal today will be found epitomized the history of a year. It tells, as their histories tell, of joys and sorrows, success, of occasional failure, of births and deaths, of marriage and giving in marriage, of wars and of peace, but above and beyond, it gives the history of one of the most prosperous years the Nation, state and city have ever known. May the good Lord grant us many more like it. ..."

The headline over the summary of the year's events read, "A Short History of the Year Made By Lawrence People." The short introduction included, "... and this will serve to bring to mind many events that have been forgotten and that there is much more going on in Lawrence than people are generally aware of. ..."


  • Consolidated Barb Wire Mill sold in trust.
  • Sam Auker dies from drinking concentrated lye.
  • New Bundy clock installed in the post office.
  • Mrs. Schaum made postmistress of the House of Representatives in Topeka.
  • Miss Emma Kelley lectures in University Hall.
  • The Masons entertain their friends.
  • J.M. Zook commits suicide in Kansas City.
  • First annual fireman's ball occurs.
  • Transfer of Wire Mill property recorded.
  • First public game of basketball played at the rink.
  • Several discharges of employees made at the Wire Mill.
  • Haskell baseball team organized for the season.


  • Telephone company and electric line agree to use the same poles.
  • Two horses stolen from Peter Laptad.
  • Griffin Ice Company commences putting up ice for home use.
  • Presbyterians hold a spinsters convention.
  • Charles M. Landon dies of typhoid fever.
  • New Lecompton bridge inspected and accepted.
  • State Legislature appropriates funds for new chemistry building at Kansas University.
  • Mrs. Anna Buermann acquitted of the charge of murder.
  • H.C. Avery, KU football captain, marries Nellie Criss.
  • Frank Arps found in the Lawrence National Bank building.
  • Three more horses stolen from farmers near town.


  • Rahskoff Mill and Elevator burned.
  • J.B. Kunkel found not guilty of wife murder under instructions of the court.
  • "Othello" presented by home talent.
  • Congressman Bowersock returns from trip to Washington.
  • "Sandy Hook," a joint near Eudora, is burned by citizens.
  • Thomas Johnson, 72, colored, dies of dropsy.
  • Charles Lloyd arrested for stealing G.J. Barker's harness.
  • Charles Monroe has both arms cut off at the Wire Mill.
  • Malcolm Conn buys the Eldridge Hotel.
  • George Bowman's stolen team (horses) found in Missouri.
  • William Shaw arrested by the police, proves to have robbed a Santa Fe station.
  • Major Metcaff wounded in the Philippines.


  • Mrs. Charlotte Palm commits suicide by hanging herself to a bed post.
  • Postmaster Caldwell gets a new clerk and carrier for the post office.
  • Kansas University defeats Missouri in a debating contest at Columbia.
  • Barry Herning badly hurt by being thrown from a horse.
  • Burglars steal Jeffersonian Gazette typewriter.
  • Commercial Club discusses brick making.
  • Supt. Smith's barn burned.
  • George Flick, charged with stealing George Bowman's team, arrested in Iowa.
  • A.J. Oak buys the Eldridge livery barn.


  • KU students celebrate in the usual manner.
  • Professor Blake declines a chair at Illinois University.
  • Lawrence men offer to put in a brick plant if the city will pave streets.
  • Rose McFarland accidentally shot by her brother.
  • Council orders Massachusetts Street paved.
  • Emil Putze's place raided and a large amount of liquor captured.
  • A natural gas franchise granted.
  • Destruction of Eldridge House in 1856 commemorated in a dinner to old settlers at the New Eldridge given by Mr. Malcolm Conn.
  • Scottish Rite Masons hold a reunion.
  • Central School house seriously injured by fire.
  • Big crowd spends day at Lake View.


  • City teachers elected for another year.
  • City council decides to have a concrete foundation for paving.
  • New brick company elects officers.
  • KU Law School graduates admitted to the bar.
  • A.B. Ameck dies from injuries received in a runaway.
  • "Shorty" Hamill chosen to coach Indian football team.
  • Charles Olmstead and George Bigsby fall from Nels Stevens house and are badly hurt.
  • Postmaster Caldwell takes steps to secure rural free delivery of mail for the neighborhood of Lawrence.
  • Several cutting scrapes occur at Bismarck as a result of a picnic.
  • Ernest Selig appointed electrician at the state asylum at Topeka.
  • M.G. Manley and D.W. Shaw form a partnership for real estate business.
  • City Council orders less street work done.
  • First of Haskell commencement programs given.
  • Rev. R.W. Oliver, first chancellor of Kansas University, dies in Philadelphia.


  • New carrier begins work at post office.
  • Ober Clothing Store badly injured by fire.
  • Street car line sold to Winner.
  • Peter Nuffer, 70, dies of diabetes.
  • Supt. Smith's barn again takes fire.
  • Cornerstone of new Presbyterian church laid.
  • George Sheets, farmer north of town, dies from paralysis.
  • George Coop and George Black arrested and confess to a number of incendiary acts.
  • New squirrel pen in South Park completed.
  • Dr. W.H. Council, colored, president of a southern industrial school, visits his son here.


  • William Davis fined $400 and sent to jail for 210 days for selling liquor.
  • Ad Elston sunstruck while delivering produce to the canning factory.
  • School board levy tuned down.
  • Street car line asks for franchise to build line to Haskell.
  • Lev Adams bitten by a rattlesnake in the University museum.
  • William Davis escapes from city jail.
  • County serves summons on the agent of the trust for the Wire Mill and levies on the mill for taxes.
  • William Davis captured and sent to county jail.
  • Little Arthur Weaver's leg broken while playing in a swing.
  • Sara J. Granger, an old settler, dies.


  • The John Kilworths start on a trip around the world.
  • City Council decides against brick paving.
  • Gov. Stanley delivers the opening address at Kansas University.
  • Robert Martin accidentally shot by a shotgun in the hands of Ray Gomer.
  • Ed Rousell taken to prison.
  • Machinery started at new brick plant.
  • Haskell defeats Ottawa in first football game of the season.
  • Woodmen log-rolling held at Bismarck Grove.
  • Kansas defeats Haskell at football.
  • George Bowman, 14, commits suicide with a gun.


  • O.C. LeSuer brought home from the south in an unconscious condition.
  • City council again decides to pave with brick.
  • Dr. McClelland summoned to Fort Riley to treat horses for the government.
  • Ben Sanders hurt while at work on KU's new chemistry building.
  • Street cars last day.
  • Irving Hill marries Hortense Bowersock
  • Mrs. Gibson and daughter assaulted.
  • First brick taken from the new plant taken from the kiln.
  • Will Herbert arrested for the Gibson assault.


  • Kansas defeats Nebraska at football at Lincoln.
  • Kansas University athletic board wants to censure Dr. Woodruff.
  • The Watkins National Bank announced their capital as $100,000 with a surplus of $18,100
  • Council opens bids for street paving.
  • W.R. Pratt of Topeka arrested for passing counterfeit dimes.
  • Whistle placed on Fowler Shops to be used as curfew warning.
  • Kansas defeats Missouri at football.


  • Curfew whistle blew for the first time.
  • School children ordered vaccinated.
  • Kaw River froze over.
  • Station Agent G.A. Foley at Perryville killed by T.C. Kirby.
  • The last of the Barteldes seed catalogues were delivered from the Journal office.
  • Special committee of physicians reports there is no smallpox in Lawrence.
  • Presbyterian Church dedicated.
  • Kansas University glee club started out.
  • Masons celebrate the anniversary of Washington's death.
  • Fowler Shop whistle begins to give accurate time at 11 o'clock each day.

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