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December 16, 1999


With more than 4,000 electronic devices, almost 400 computers and at least 60 different systems and software programs, Lawrence Memorial Hospital has spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours preparing for the new millennium.

Tom Pagano, director of management information systems at LMH, gave the LMH board of trustees its last "Y2K" update Wednesday morning. Except for a handful of personal computers, which will be replaced within the next two weeks, the hospital is ready for possible failures caused by computers not recognizing the "00" in the year 2000.

Among other things, the trustees earlier this year spent $2.7 million on a new computer system that tracks everything from accounting to patient admissions and also approved a $2 million line of credit through a local bank. The line of credit is to prepare for a worst-case scenario if Medicare reimbursements are delayed.

Pagano said one to three people in his department would be on hand New Year's Eve, and the remaining information systems employees would be on call.

Bonnie Peterson, LMH chief operating officer, said all departments are looking at plans to ensure proper staffing that night.

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